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Moodkillers... [Apr. 16th, 2007|03:16 pm]


So my character starts talking to another feminine fur whom I know prefers females... but that didn't stop her from showing much affection for my character. Some public cuddling and talking ensues, then we get to the nitty gritty of what we will do together.
Z is another female, another female still, is Y. A fourth female, W, enters the fray. U and T are also female.

X says, "Hiya cougar!"
You murr, "Meowhi!"
X says, "i like how he worked a hi into the meow there.  Very nice."
You murr, "How is everyone?"
X says, "i'm foxy."
X says, "And foxy is the best you can be!"
You murr, "It's the best anyone can be, really ^_^;"
X nodnods. "I'm glad you agree.  That means you're smart too!"
You murr, "I hope so! i wouldn't want to be a dumb catboy."
X says, "I dunno, dumb cat boy toys are awfully popular these days."
RT walks into the Main Hall from the Entrance
You murr, "In that case my IQ just dropped twenty points."
X sits up and claps at Catboy.  "Yea!  Dumb cat boys!"  Sie THROWS hirself at him bodily and HUGS!
StupidCatboy mews as the prickvixen glomps him, his buns slap against the floor as they both fall.
X sprawls atop the catboi and snoogles, giving his cheek a big wet LAP on each side.
X squees like a teenage catgirl at an anime convention.
StupidCatboy licks back at the licking tongue, purring softly.
X pins Catboy down with hir blue and white self.  Sie barks, "I'm X by the way.  I don't have a last name because I'm either too poor like some mountain folk or too important like the Rock or Prince.  I haven't figured out which."
You murr, "Pleased to make your acquaintance, miss... you're very affectionate... ^_^;"
X says, "That's because you're full of bishy goodness."
X says, "And I looked at thousands of Funny Internet Cat photos today."
You murr, "I am very lucky then to meet you, miss X."
X rests hir elbows on either side of Catboy's head, propping hirself up to looks down at him.  It's totally coincidental that it also gives him a good view of hir chest.  Sie murfs, "you are?  Wow.  How do you figure that?"
You murr, "i suppose it has to do with a current affinity for felines..."
X says, "But I'm not a feline.. Oh you mean MINE!  Well yeah, I had a cat snuggling up against my butt most of last night too."
StupidCatboy chews into his supple soft lip with a white fang. "Well, I'm good at snuggling... I can do other things too..."
Y walks into the Main Hall from the Entrance
Y couch flops!
X woofs hi to Y.
Y tentacle pets X hello!
X hmmms and toys with Catboy's whiskers between hir fingertips.  "Oooh.. what sorta cool stuff?  Can you... program in Cobol?  Make a pinata?  Formulate new tax codes? Buy me a burger at Burger King?"  Sie ponders what else to ask..
X pets Y with a spare tail or two. :)
W walks into the Main Hall from the Entrance
You murr, "I can cook, I can clean, I can do laundry I can play guitar, I can sing."
X barks, "Sold!" and hugs Catboy tight.  "My den is just a mess!"
Y whooos! "X has a new house boi!"
X says, "If a guy is willing to lose 20 IQ points for you, you know it's LUV!""
Y says, "Possibly even LURRRRV!"
X scolds Y. "Don't jinx it!"
StupidCatboy huhs.
X says, "Don't mind her, Catboy. I'm just being silly."
Z says, "hi Y"
StupidCatboy mews softly. "Blue's my favorite color..."
Y twirls and nods "Yes'm! I'll make sure it's not jinxed!"
X says, "Hey wait, I'm blue! (ah ba de ah ba die...)"
X covers Catboy's eyes and SMOOTCHES him on the muzzle.  Sie lets him see again and murfs sheepishly, "Well the song TOLD me to!"
Z hugs Y and ruffles her ears
StupidCatboy blushes deeply, his creamy yellow cheeks becoming quite rosy.
Y snuggles the Z nice and tight. "How are you doing?"
X says, "Awww.. he even blushes cute."
Z says, "im alright"
Z slurps lioness nosey
-- WhatIsZ Extended V1.0.0.1 WF ------------------------------[ Focused View ]
X         no anal available aquatic biting blood breeding cum-loving
               dominant experienced female-biased fur-preferred group-sex
               herm-biased incest pregnophile feral polite herm blue fox thing
-------------------------------------------------------- by K'T/AnnonyMouse --
Z says, "whats new with you Y?"
StupidCatboy kisses X lightly before leaning back onto the floor, their bodies quite close to onw another.
Y is a little bit distracted by being a little ill right now, her mind is very detached.
X says, "Sicker than usual, Y?"
Z erfs and cuddles to comfort her friend
Y laughs a little and nods. "Yeah, flu stuffs."
X says, "Ewww... not good."
W walks into the Main Hall from the Entrance
X touches nose to nose with Catboy.  "Sooo... if you had me all to yourself, what woudl you do with me, hmmm?"
Y snuggles Z and uses her like a living blankie.
Z purrrs
X woofs at V.  Have to say hi to the foxes. It's a requirement.
You murr, "I don't know X... I haven't thought about that yet..."
X ohs at Catboy.  Sie tilts hir head to the side and arfs, "Why in the hell not?"
Y giggles, "You should bend over and let the Bloo Foxey do what sie does best!" titter.
X tosses Y a nickle for her advertisement, as per the previous agreement.
Y looks at the nickel for a moment and then hey's! "This is wood! And not the kinda wood /I'd/ wanna get from you!"
X says, "Wooden nickels are rare so they're worth more!  And I'll be happy to give you the other kind of wood any time you want, hon. ;)"
You murr, "Err, um, I've never done that before... but if it would make you happy, I will do it for you like a good docile catboy toy..."
X says, "Naw, that's okay, Catboy.  I usually don't bend over boys.  Though a few of them keep FORCING themselves on me like that.  They're so wierd."
Y chuckles softly and blows X a kiss and snuggles her busty panthress friend. She giggles and purrs.
You whisper, "But you bend over other girls, right?" to X.
X perks up hir ear at the whisper.
X whispers, "Of course.  Quite often.  I'm pretty good at it.  Why do you ask?" to you.
U walks into the Main Hall from the Entrance
whisper X= No particular reason...
You whisper, "No particular reason..." to X.
Z mews?
Y streeeetches and mew mrrs.
X scoots down a bit and lays hir cheek on Catboy's chest, nosing at his shirt some.
X whispers, "X teases, "You thinking of tempting me with vixens and things?"" to you.
Y achems. "ORGY!"
Z snuggles Y tight
X says, "orgy?  Where where?"
U walks towards W and greets "Evening..."
Z mews and looks over at the blue foxy
Y squeezes Z breasts and purrs at X. "There should be one here."
W agrees
W purrs, "Who wants orgy? ^_^"
W wavies to U btw :)
You whisper, "I wish I knew more girls for you to play with... but there's really only me..." to X.
X says, "What am I, Orgy-In-A-Fox?  Hee, get it?  You were thinking I'd say Box, but I said.. oh nevermind.."
Z mews! and giggles as the lioness teases her tits
X whispers, "There's nothign wrong with you hon.  At least nothing that I see yet. ;)" to you.
W molests X suggestively ^_^
You murr, "..."
Z says, "hey we got another lioness today :)"
W mewmews n nods
Z waves to W
Y says, "X honey..." she gives a few more good molesting squeezes to Z. "You are an Orgy in a fox, look at that cock of yours!"
T giggles as she perks her ears, "Could be fun"
W prowls closer to Z and licks her breast. ^^
Y gives a nice squeeze while W licks, to send a splash of Z milk onto her tongue.
Z purrrs as W tastes milk...
X yips, "I can't do that!  Last time I did that, I spent all day sucking it."
W purrs deeply, licking up yummy kitty milk, her tails swishing happily.
Z says, "kitty pile!"
You whisper, "Well, miss, looks like you've got your hands full... I'll leave you be... I don't want to be a fifth wheel." to X.
U looks at the Milk dripping from Z breasts and licks his lips "That looks quite delightfull...."
Z hugs W down with her and Y
You think of the distant teleport pattern, and the world around you changes!
X pages, "Fifth?  I was thinking more like FIRST wheel..." to you.
You page, "(OOC) I've got some things to do... I'll be around a little later." to X.

I am not a public scener, nor do I allow being with more than one person at a time unless it's a nonconsensual scene. So at this point I observe that this is becoming an all-out all-girl sexfest with me feeling like an outsider.
Yes, I'm sure that's what all the other girls were thinking. Seeing as though it was X and themselves they were paying attention to.

I don't care who's right or wrong, who's being rude or not, I just want to vent.

Having someone pull the carpet from under you like that is extremely frustrating.

It was such a damn shame, too... X liked my character alot.

I don't blame X at all for what happened, but I do lay some of the blame  on the others for ruining my playing experience and driving me off like that.

And while it was for the good of the game that orgy happened, it happened to sour my view on Tapestries that much more.

But yeah. Tapestries. Serious Business.

[User Picture]From: pencilnvstudios
2007-04-17 01:19 am (UTC)
It comes to my attention there is some breastplay involved. I apologize for posting something someone else did but was relevant to my point.
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