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Why, you little two-timing... (Rant and language warning) [Mar. 8th, 2009|06:50 pm]


[mood |angryangry]

I was on Tapestries the other night and was chatting and trying to be the affectionate little walking, talking handbag that I normally am. Then I see someone that I've talked to in the past (I'm not gonna call names unless I absolutely HAVE to.) and that I somewhat like. For those that frequent Taps, 'somewhat like' usually means 'wanna get in their pants', and you know it. *smirk* Anyway, so I start talking to her as if I had been having a bad day ICly; I try to play my characters as if they have real emotions and feelings, but I'll get to that later. So we keep on talking until we reach this point: (Note that I've got this point time-marked in the log that I saved.)

10:44:04pm - You whisper, "Croco nodnods, grinning widely. "That's good to hear...and I can think of a few ways that I can make it that much better for you." You can see a glimmer in his eye as he gestures toward the other side of the bench. "Come, join me if you wish..."" to Lion.

Then, it all stops. I have known this particular character to suddenly drop connection, so I'm thinking nothing about it as five minutes pass, then ten...and then I see this:

11:00:18pm - Tigerboy offers to carry Lion with him.

It was at about 11:00:19 that my blood begins to boil. I'm thinking 'Who the fuck does this asshole think he is to come in and interrupt what I had going?' This is where things get dicey...I was really pissed off at that point and put things into auto-pilot. So I give him a warning growl (as if I was actually a crocodile trying to tell him that I was ready to bite), and of course, he gives a blank 'Hm?' as if he was completely innocent and had done nothing wrong. I asked in, in plain and simple English, what right he had to come in and steal someone away who was in the middle of a scene with me...and this is what I get back:

In a page-pose to you, Tigerboy smirks, "Several rights really. First is that I had the balls to ask her to come with me. Second is that she accepted. Third is that I could give a rat's ass about you, even had I known you were scening with her."

I believe this was the point where I lost all rational thought...and about the point where I realized that a whisper-scene could go through the sieve. I'll admit thought to that...but excuse me? I had clearly asked Lion to come and join me where I was, and I would've been cool with things if she told me that she would rather scene with him. The most I would've done is grumble about it and tell her that I'd hit her up another time, and that would've been that. Is there something wrong with that? I don't know about you, but I like to refer to that as common decency. And then, the cocky little tiger continues to rub it in my face by saying that if she left me, then she obviously wasn't enjoying me. I thought things were going well enough...and again, if I would rather be with someone else, I would've given adequate warning. So again, I'm trying to be at least somewhat civilized without ripping his throat out and I tell him:

You page, "Maybe, maybe...but still, at least I have the common decency to ask someone if they're already occupied instead of just barging right in and snatching them out from under their muzzle." to Tigerboy.

It was around then that I started to ask Lion about Tigerboy and what business he had interrupting us. By now, my pride and ego had already been ripped to shreds, and I was just looking for answers when I get this back:

Tigerboy pages, "Look, bud. If she was already occupied, she would have told me. As I'm not going to ask every guy in the plaza if they're banging some chick, it's up to her to let me know what's up. Guess what, she didn't. You know what that means don't you? it means I don't care and you're going on ignore." to you.

Good fucking riddance, asshole, I thought to myself and just left it at that. So then I turn my attention back to Lion and offer her this:

You page, "Look, I don't care if you hurt me with your words any more than I've already been...just lay it on me as it is..." to Lion.

I'm sure some of you would agree with me that I had a right to be hurt by what had happened during the exchange. I don't know if I can think of anything to liken this situation to...maybe the guy who sees a girl in a bar or club and starts talking to her, then excuses himself to use the bathroom only to see her heading toward the exit with another guy that's obviously lesser than him in terms of look, personality, charm, or a combination of the three. But I don't think anything would've prepared me for what I got next...

Lion pages, "You're way too emo for me. Good bye!" to you.

The next thought that comes to my mind was...so you think you can do this to me, and then when I get all upset and angry about it, you label me as being emo when all I wanted was the truth? If she would've made a comment about me having scales and not being into scalies, then that's fine with me. If she would've mentioned that this was a friend of hers that she hadn't seen in a while...again, I'd just tell her to have fun and I'd look for her another time. But to call me emo after that is, at least in my mind, the coward's way out of telling the truth as to why she two-timed me. So I tried paging something back to her about what she did and how I was genuinely pissed off, but too late...she had me on ignore. What I didn't get is how showing any kind of displeasure toward that makes me emo...was I supposed to be all smiles and blue skies and happy fucking sunshine when she uncerimoniously dumped me like the victim of a mob hit?

I gave myself some time to cool off and let my rational mind take over, and so the next day, I tried to offer her an apology. I know I was a right asshole during all of that and wanted to show Lion that it wasn't who I was really am, so I offered this to her:

Croco clears his throat. "Hey...I just wanted to apologize for the way I was acting last night. I let my feelings get in the way of my thoughts and I think we clearly saw the results of that. But that doesn't change the fact that I was upset over the course of actions that happened...but seeing as how I'm the kinda guy that's willing to give someone a second chance, I feel entitled to do so with you. However, I do ask that you give me something in return...so when you get this, please consider these words and I'll let you go from there in making amends. Again, I am offering you a heartfelt and sincere apology, because what happened last night is not who I really am, and I want you to know that."

Again, I got the message that Lion was ignoring me. Maybe I should've given her more time or at least let her log back in so that she could consider unblocking me...but I don't know. That and I do know I have friends on there that would at least vouch for me, so nothing to worry about, eh?

So did I have a right to be genuinely upset with the individuals in question here, or did I go overboard in dealing with this? I try to give people that have wronged me a second chance, but if I get to talk to said individuals and they refuse to either admit fault or apologize for their share of the exchange, then that's it. I'll wash my hands of said individuals with the knowledge that I at least tried to make amends.

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[User Picture]From: cuprohastes
2009-03-10 07:21 am (UTC)
It's happened to me. It happens to everyone. You were cruising for a screw and you decided in your mind that this other person had to put out, when it's pretty obvious even from your highly biased and one sided explanation of events that she didn't actually want to play.
You said she went silent - does it not occur to you that she may not want to tell you she isn't interested because you'd get all whiny and emo about it? Which I'd actually what you did here.
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